Canadian Intervention and Assistance Dogs
Canadian Intervention and Assistance Dogs

Excitement Builds

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The excitement is building, we’ve launched our social media sites and have completed one
radio interview. The website is live and attracting lots of attention. We have gotten some swag
to give away at events and are ready for our first public appearance.

May 24th will always be an important date for CIAD, it will mark our first public appearance. We
will be at the Tema Conter trade show and partaking in some of the conference talks. This will
be our coming out party.

As things start to come together we are very excited. It has taken a lot of work to get us this far
and it finally feels real.

After Kevin and AJ complete the first radio interview and share the link, all the positive feedback
brings a smile to everyones face. We now realize that we have started something great.

As we pick up all the printed material to have on display at Tema, it’s like being a kid on
Christmas Eve, waiting to see what’s under the tree.

The morning of Tema is an early one, but we get set up and everything looks so great and like
we’ve done this a hundred times. Lots of people are interested, asking lots of great questions,
and taking applications to volunteer, be a puppy raiser and apply for a service dog. This is just
a glimpse of all the good we will do.

As the day winds down we realize that our coming out was a great success. We’ve created a
buzz, people know who we are now and a little bit about what we will be doing. We all leave
with huge smiles on our faces. This is just the beginning of amazing things that are yet to come.

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There are many ways that you can help CIAD grow…by volunteering your time, talents or financial contributions to help us reach our goal of pairing service dogs with first responders.


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