Canadian Intervention and Assistance Dogs
Canadian Intervention and Assistance Dogs

How to apply to CIAD for a service dog

You must be a First Responder who has sustained PTSI /PTSD in the line of duty.

You will complete the CIAD application for a service dog (available on our forms page under the application tab).

Your application will be reviewed by the CIAD intake worker.  The worker will meet with you, review your application and assess whether you meet the criteria for a service dog.

  • Some criteria include (but are not limited to):
    • Demonstrating the desire to become more independent and/or to improve your quality of life
    • Ability to safely and responsibly manage the service dog
    • Understanding the limitations of the service dog
    • Awareness of the guidelines and responsibilities of a service dog team and be able to manage having a service dog in public.
    • Be comfortable with talking about your dog as well as being comfortable with the attention they will receive in public when out with their dog
    • Ability to provide proper veterinary care, including annual checkups, vaccinations, emergency care and preventative care. This also includes keeping accurate records of veterinary care
    • Be free of any symptoms that will endanger the service dog at home or in public (for example, being able to react to frustrating situations that will not cause fear, anxiety, distress and pain to the service dog or to the public)
    • Be able to handle the service dog independently
    • Be willing to use the tasks the service dog has been trained to do
    • Treat the service dog with respect and appreciation

The worker will determine if the tasks the service dog is prescribed to perform can mitigate the symptoms of the injury.

You will require two prescriptions for a service dog; one from your family physician and one from your primary mental health professional.  The prescription will outline the 5 to 8 tasks the service dog will perform.

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