Canadian Intervention and Assistance Dogs
Canadian Intervention and Assistance Dogs

Meet our Puppies


Catie is a happy service dog in training.  She comes from Maine and is working hard on her basic obedience.  She loves to swim and play fetch in her free time.  Catie is a hard working dog and especially loves being one-on-one with her people…that way she can practice her body pressure therapy!

Black Ice

This is Black Ice, demonstrating her ability to focus on the task at hand. Ice is also from Maine, and is having a great time learning all of the skills required to be a service dog! When she’s not working on her skills she likes to play and romp with her house-mate Dexter.


Nor-Easter (Nora) is a beautiful fox-red young lady who is working diligently on her manners and loose-leash walking skills. Nora is fond of the outdoors and loves going on long hikes with her puppy-friends. She has recently moved to her puppy-raising home and is settling in well.


Julienne, named for St. Julien, patron saint of Wounded Warriors Canada (who named her) enjoys hiking in the woods and swimming in everything she can find! When she’s not busy having fun, she is also working on her basic obedience skills and learning to focus and avoid distractions.

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