Canadian Intervention and Assistance Dogs
Canadian Intervention and Assistance Dogs

Puppy Raising Program

What is a puppy raiser?

•    A puppy raiser is a volunteer who raises a puppy from around eight weeks old until they are 12-18 months old when they move out to work with the advanced trainer.
•    They help prepare puppies through a supervised obedience and socialization skills program
•    They attend regular obedience classes with an approved trainer and complete assigned home training tasks
•    The puppy goes out in public places and to work with them (when allowed)

Who can be a puppy raiser?

•    Be 18 years or older (kids can assist)
•    Love dogs
•    Have lots of patience and time for the puppy
•    Understand they will not leave the puppy on its own for more than three hours and even then only once the puppy has gradually become accustomed to being left
•    Be flexible in their dog training and caring ideas in order to comply with CIAD service dog training methods
•    Be willing to sign a contract with CIAD regarding puppy raiser guidelines

What’s the cost of being a puppy raiser?

CIAD will cover most costs associated with being a puppy raiser this includes:
•    Vet expenses (with some exceptions i.e. complications from unapproved food/ treats/toys)
•    Food and treats, bowls
•    Collar, leash and harness
•    In training vest
•    Crate
•    Baths and approved toys

What am I expected to do?

•    Puppies will have public access 4-6 times per week (includes going to work, but additional exposure is encouraged)
•    Attend obedience training classes
•    Positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviour
•    Positive public exposures
•    Bring puppy to CIAD events that you are requested to attend
•    Have puppy in vest when in public
•    Be able to answer basic questions about CIAD and refer people to website or Board members

What happens when it’s time to return the puppy?

•    You will be contacted one month prior to when the puppy will go into advanced training
•    You’ll be given updates when appropriate on how the puppy is progressing in training
•    You’ll be invited to graduation ceremony, when appropriate (some handlers may wish for this to be private due to their PTSD)
•    On the day when it’s time to return the puppy, a Board member will come and receive the puppy and all puppy related items

What is a Puppy Sitter?

•    A Puppy Sitter is someone who is able to temporarily house and care for a dog
•    Sitter services may be needed on short notice (eg. for emergencies) or planned in advance (eg. vacations)

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